Hey everyone,

I have been having some issues with ScummVM for webOS and wanted to know if anyone else was having this issue.

I've had my phone overclocked for a while (since back when the WOSQI terminal had to be used to run a script), and back then it would crash every once in a while, but ever since uberkernel (with one exception) my phone hasn't crashed at all. That is, of course, until I tried to play Monkey Island 3.

I had tried it back before my phone was overclocked and it ran too slowly, so I figured I'd give it another try with my brand new 1 GHz overclock. Simply trying to start the game would cause the phone to reset. Trying the 800 MHz OC, the same thing happened. With the 720, it managed to load the game, but crashed shortly afterwards.

This confuses me because all of the PDK games work fine. Has anyone else had this issue with any one particular application?