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    So,I know a lot of people here are loving the 1000mhz overclocks and stuff, but there are some of us who need better battery life.

    Me and two other peoples have Pre's, and while we do have the 1400MAh batteries installed, we all use the Touchstone so a larger battery is out of the question.

    So, we all have Govnah enabled with a 125mhz-500mhz screenstate Profile.

    This seems to do a pretty decent job at making our batteries last, but I was wondering whatever happened to Smartflex?

    Back in the day, the homebrew developers stated that with the current way the Kernel was compiled, it was not possible to enable both CPU scaling AND smartflex at the same time.

    But, I also read in WebOS Internals that having both enabled if the kernel was rewritten, that the two combined would offer really great battery saving possibilities.

    So, I was wondering, is this even still possible? Because I would love a 125mhz-500mhz screenstate CPU scaling profile with Smartflex as well, so that my battery would last more than 14 hours.

    Thanks. If it is possible I would help in any way to develop this kind of kernel for the Pre.
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    Do you have 3g service in your area? When I'm in an area with 1x my battery takes a huge hit. I'm running the F105 1.05 ghz kernal and when I'm in a 3g area my battery will make it through the entire day with plenty to spare.
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    Screenstate isn't the only governor in govnah. Have you tried "Powersave" or "ondemand"?
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    I actually dont have any service in my area.

    I only get service once I drive about 100 feet from my house.

    And Screenstate saves the most battery with the least lag I find.

    Powersave causes lag.

    I really just want to know what happened to was all the rage a year ago.
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    smartreflex doesn't work so well with the newer kernels. Makes it go boom
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    When I am inside Macy's, in the basement, the signal goes in and out constantly. I've watched it eat an almost full battery down to 15% in about an hour. I now know I need to put it in airplane mode when the signal fluctuates like that.
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    enabling smartreflex is not a good idea at this time. webos needs to move to a newer kernel with a newer and more complete implementation of smartreflex
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    Hopefully webOS 2.0!
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    You can prolong battery life a *lot* by toggling airplane mode whenever you don't need to be available or have no reception anyway.

    As was mentioned above - power use goes up when the radio has to work harder to get a signal. That's also the reason why some only get a few hours while others (me for example) get a day of use out of it.

    I never switch off the phone (avoiding long boot time is just one of the reasons) - but I use airplane mode a lot. It toggles fairly quickly.
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    You could also try using mode switcher to automatically switch to airplane mode at certain times / locations?
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    could the overclocking dev's not write a newer kernel with smartflex enabled? Or is this more difficult than I'm making it sound?

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