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    Sorry ppl, if there is, it a thread for my questons.....but i cant found.

    I was a long time left from my PRE and now i seen that has been a new Firmware available.

    I have a PRE with a RSC and the 1.4.1 FW.

    Is here, any tutorial how to upgrade to 1.4.5 with RSC??

    I have the upgrade available in my Pre update app.....but dont accepted until i have sure that dont lock my sim GSM.

    How i can upgrade without problems???

    Please someone help me,

    thanks by advanced.

    PS :My Pre is from movistar (Spain) that i use in Portugal.
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    i decided install the 1.4.5 over my 1.4.1 RSC.

    I did it and install 1.4.5 and most its ok.

    - i can make and recive call
    - Wifi works

    - But i dont have 3G or any Data conection (the switch data is on)

    What could i do to have 3G?

    Can any help me.
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    Thanks, but until my RSC works i wouldnt spend more money.

    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    You could also check if you need manual settings for your data connection.
    Contact your provider or refer to the carrier's website for these data settings (or try google).
    Then go to the Dialer (phone app), tap Preferences in the upper left menu and scroll down.
    Tap Manual Settings, and enter APN and credentials.
    thanks for the help, but that (APN settings) was not the problem ...... 4 hours of work and two complet flashs ..... and I forgot to put a space in linux line register ..... lol...bahrr, f*** me.

    Now i have a Full working fw1.4.5 in RSC.

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