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    I can't see many of the notifications on FB that I see on a laptop web browser (xyz is now friends with abc, etc...or abc commented on xyz stats, etc.) in either the beta or the official version of the app. This is very annoying. Because even after using the app thru the day, i still need to check FB on the laptop so that i don't miss many such notifications. Is there a way to get all the notifications (aka make FB app display everything the web browser does on the laptop)? Is it a setting issue or the app is just not there yet? Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I don't believe so. You can visit the full Facebook site from your Pre. It's not as user-friendly but still functional.
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    I believe the OP is talking about the mobile site. The beta or the one in the app catolog. I have to do the same thing too. Either I have to go to the full site on my pre, or use my PC to see most things that I'm missing out on, when using beta or palm Facebook app.

    I guess Palm Facebook app isn't there yet. :'(
  4. #4 has pretty much everything you just mentioned.
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    Thanks all for the input. I wish Palm would spend more resources to get the FB app as close to the laptop FB experience. I mean FB is the most visited website now. So it only makes sense to give something that most people want.
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    needs inbox notifications....still
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    Anyone having issues with Facebook 1.3 or beta 1.3.1 not caching correctly? Lately the last few days, I'll open up Facebook app and it'll show the most recent ones down a little ways and then suddenly jump like 19 hours back into the past missing a whole bunch of status updates. This seems to be more of a problem in the non-beta 1.3 version than the beta 1.3.1 but it has happened once in my beta version too. Anyone else running into this??
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    This is as close (feature-wise) as the beta and normal app have been in some time. Basically the beta has some minor bug fixes over the regular version. But normally I'd say the beta version is far better than what is out there.

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