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    Ok I just put my pre in my girlfreinds name and account and had a hell of a run around doing it. Anyways by the time it got done she had to go to work and i dont know the pass word to her email to make a new profile so i had to login using mine. My question here do i reset the profile to make a new one with her info (once i get her email password) without having to reactivate the phone!?!? Help would be muchly appreciated.
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    Get your MLS # from Sprint first
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    I think that if you install the "Show FirstUse App" patch from preware, you could then run the first use app again, and choose "create new profile", and then it will sign in under that profile.
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    I think the link to palm above allows you to change the email address associated with the profile. It doesn't allow you to create a new profile. If you want to "give" your profile to someone else you could do it that way, but if you ever intend to use your profile again, and all the apps you have paid for, you need to create a new profile for the new phone owner, or they need a profile of their own to sign in to. Either creating a new profile or signing in to another existing profile requires you to run the FirstUse app. There are three ways to do this - you can reset the phone using the options on the phone itself, doctor the phone, or install the Show FirstUse App patch and then run it.

    Someone else may have a better idea, but I think that is it.
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    remember, if you create a new profile, you will lose all of your paid apps and games....

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