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    I have a brand new palm pre. Was very happy with it, except that it keeps getting stuck in landscape view. When this happens I can find no way to get back to portrait. I just have to wait and a few hours later it will correct itself.

    I like to look at my pre while I jog or use the treadmill. This almost guarantees that it will happen. I've never had this problem with any other phone.

    Is there any way to force the accelerometer to stay in a certain position.

    If I can't figure out a solution I may have to bring the pre back. It's only 2 days old, so I'm assuming it isn't a hardware malfunction. Does anyone else have this issue?
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    what program is exactly getting stuck?
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    sorry that I didn't specify. It's the web browser. I get stuck in landscape view while on the internet.
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    Do you have any patches installed? There is a patch that locks orientation when the slider is out. Other than that, try the usual. Battery pull, webOS Repair Utility, webOSdoctor. And if all else fails, just take it back and have it replaced.
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    Just curious, trying to get the phone back to portrait if you hold it straight up and down for a moment does it reset itself?

    Also since you are saying it is stuck in the browser, have you tried closing the browser and reopening a new one?

    Last I believe there is a test you can do to test the accelerometer, test it and if it fails the test, exchange it for a new phone.

    That would be my start.... ohh yeah and full power down, battery pull, reboot. Before doing the other things.
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    Thank you so much! Holding it straight up did the trick. I didn't realize that how you held it was so strict.
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    Quote Originally Posted by warpusall View Post
    Thank you so much! Holding it straight up did the trick. I didn't realize that how you held it was so strict.
    Yeah takes a lil getting used to, once you get it that way it doesn't have to be as straight up and down. The more you use it flipping the phone back and forth while browsing or whatever you will get the hang of it.

    If it still seams excessive, test it to make sure the phone is getting the correct reading from the accelerometer. The tests can be found in the drop down of "Device Info."

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