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    Hi there,

    since a few hours I've a strange problem here. When I pull out the pre's keyboard the telephone's speaker does not not work any more. This is reproducible when playing music, e.g. start playing the music when keyboard is not pulled out -> everything fine; pull the keyboard out -> no audio.
    The same happens when calling, e.g. answering the call by pulling out the keyboard -> I can't hear anything but the caller can her me.

    Please, can anyone shed light on this?

    Btw, I've several patches (nothing related to audio or phone settings) and Uberkernel installed.

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    I would suggest removing all patches via (EPR) Emergency Patch Recovery in preware. There might be a patch conflict. Also run Webos repair Utility to make sure everything is ok with all files.
    Here is the link:

    Best of luck.
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    Removing all patches did not help. I'll try the repair utility as soon as I am back home.
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    Ist just recognized that my system sounds are gone as well, e.g. swiping a card away. Playing music with closed keyboard is still working - ringtones etc. as well.
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    Please see my log attached (after running the repair utility). There are two files that mismatch (I've Uberkernel still running).
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    I have encountered this before i work in a cell repair shop and it was the ribbon cable that connects the 2 halves together if you can replace em i can sell you a set...
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    Ok, thanks. Bringing it back to the shop would be the last option, because I've ordered my phone via ebay.

    Any other ideas than a hardware defect?
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    if it is still less than a year old, the carrier will take care of it regardless of where you got it.
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    also check to make sure the system sounds setting isn't all the way off in the sounds&ringtones app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    also check to make sure the system sounds setting isn't all the way off in the sounds&ringtones app.
    No, all sounds are working fine when the phone is closed. When I pull out the keyboard audio stops working.
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    I've used webOSDoctor now to reset my phone - still the same problem.

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