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    Okay so here is the issue:

    Somehow the last update i had gone through has knocked out two of my three Launcher's pages. This has stacked all my apps into one page, making the list enormous and I am unable to push the App Icons to either side of the screen to create a new page (meaning i can push them to the side but a new page doesn't form or anything, it just sits there for as long as i hold it there)...

    So how do i fix this? Is there no way other then downloading a hack, firmware, or NEW home brew app? If so I'd like to know, if not, then throw the software at me please...

    I can't think of why the two pages went missing, and no icons were lost or have been getting lost, so I'm unsure what is wrong. The only type of "Hack" or "Non-Normal" software inside the Pre is "My-Tether" for the internet capability through the use of a USB.

    I heard on another thread someone mention something about "WebOS Docter" or something. But again, I'd rather not have to plug my phone up and dissect it to fix the thing...

    Anything you guys (and gals) can do to help, would be much appreciated. And if another thread exists, please direct me towards it (and I beg for forgiveness for creating a thread that was already previously answered if that is so).

    Thank you for your time...
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    Mine has lost them twice.
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    Get the latest version off QuickInstall of the internet. Type in Quick Install v3.14 into google and click the first link. Now put your pre into dev mode(type upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart in the launcher menu or card view on your pre and switch dev mode on). your pre will reboot. Plug it into your computer when its finished rebooting. Tap 'Just Charge. Now, go into Web OS quick install, go through all the on-screen instructions and all that. Now go to Tools>Tweaks in Web OS quick install. Now a window should pop up. When its finished loading(a few secs maybey) tick the empty box next to the the 'add/delete launcher pages' label. Hit lunar restart and close the windows. When lunar reboot has finished, unplug your pre and ya done! Go to the launcher and add as much pages as you want! This is not illeagal, and it DOES NOT break your warranty. Palm encourage you to do small tweaks like this.
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    I use that patch and love it. Only problem is that when you have to reset Pre for some other stupid issue it goes back to the original pages.

    It takes quite some time to move all of the icons to the custom pages you made and then in a flash it all goes away.

    Any idea how to make them not go away on resets?
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    I've never lost any pages having the add delete pages patch . And if your going to add a patch why not add the advanced launcher config. Patch. It lets you change or adjust anything you want in the lancher . You can add delete pages hide any app or unhide. Hide app name titles or even change name titles of app. And a bunch of dther things.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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