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    I deal with a lot of email. I end up with tons of emails in my inbox on my Palm Pre Plus, and then I have to slide each one off to delete it. Grr. Isn't there' some kind of 'purge' feature to get rid of them all at once?
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    have you looked in preware?
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    Teaching a man to fish I see
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    Actually i was wondering the samething too..
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    Preware has a patch in the email section that should meet your needs? (Continuing the teaching)
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    you can search the forums to figure out how to install preware to your phone.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the type of email functionality you are inquiring about--while possibly doable through a patch--is something that should be NATIVE to webOS and is one of the otherwise-wonderful operating system's major shortcomings. Of course, I'm spoiled coming from a BlackBerry which, with its "enhanced Gmail plugin", runs rings around the way my Pre Plus handles email messages. Still, I find the email handling of this device clunky and incomplete.

    For an operating system that really, really pushes users towards web integration and cloud computing, Palm needs to get on the ball with providing users an experience that is comparable--if not identical--to the behavior of their email when accessed from a computer. That means grouping messages into conversations, allowing the selection of multiple messages on which to apply actions, and snappier synchronization of folders.

    If the rest of the OS was as poor as the email application, the phone would have been returned within hours of getting it a couple weeks back. Luckily, the rest of the OS is beautifully done and I'm in love with it. Why the email is so crudely done is beyond me.

    That said, I highly recommend the Delete From Notification patch, which allows the trashing of messages from the home screen's notification pane. There's another patch that allows multiple messages to be marked read or deleted's called Read/Delete All eMail. Both this patch and the one I mentioned earlier are available via Preware. As the other posters mentioned, do some fishing and you'll find what you need.

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