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    How about some talented WebOS coder coming up with an app that will speak my e-mails and texts to me while I'm driving and listening to Pandora on my car speakers thru Bluetooth. That would be cool!
    I almost left my Pre for an Epic today until the Sprint rep explained to me it's limited multitasking capabilities. I'm truly excited about WebOS 2.0 and the next Palm device. Wouldn't it be great to have something like Android Voice Actions on the next iteration of the Pre. The next 6 months should be very interesting.
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    There is an app in the beta feeds that does something similiar called text 2 Voice
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    I just dropped the Voice On The Go (for my Jawbone ICON bluetooth earphone) after less than a month because I just didn't use it--too many drawbacks and my tweaked out Pre (via Homebrew) and Touchstone in the car setup make things ultra efficient.

    Still, HP/Palm had better include voice dialing etc. with the next WebOS device! If it was integrated with all the standard apps, it would blow the 3rd party attempts like VOTG away, I would think.
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    that app only converts what I type. I agree we need one that will read incoming messages like ford sync does
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    my enV Touch could read my text messages to me - but it was so many taps to get to that point I found it easier to just read! so keeping the feature a single click away should be a key design consideration
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    I think lack of voice controls is what frustrates me the most about Palm.

    Android has SO many options that are useful when driving, outside where you can't see in the sun, dark at night camping. No need to put on the glasses to see, just push and talk, things happen.

    Of all the ridiculous things, keeping a mike locked down is the dumbest.

    Now I feel better.

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