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    Bought myself a pair of NOCS NS200 with remote and mic today, only to experience a full bodied music experience compared to the stock plugs, but unfortunately the mic is complete mute during calls.

    I don't quite get it. My wife's un-compelling original iP (3GS) plugs work like a charm on my Pre for music, calls and skipping tracks, while the NOCS act a bit up by FF and Pause with 2xtap, and presumably FF normally with 3xtap.

    Why the mic doesn't work just makes no sense to me??

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    I'm also having problems having recently purchased nocs headphones.
    They won't play a thing out of my pre!!
    Any other headphone will. :S
    What's odd is that the center button works to pause and move forward a song, but not to reverse and the volume buttons just don't work. But these are the buttons and the headphones are designed for use with apple devices so I wasn't completely surprised that they might not work.
    Yet I should still be able to listen to music through them as they are "headphones"

    They work fine with other devices but have a buzzing sound when connected to my computer.

    As for the mic I have yet to try it out.

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