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    Sorry if this seems like a noob questions guys but i recently added a patch that showed the MM/DD/YYYY and the % of the battery in the to information bar. my problem is that after a full secure erase and no backup on the pre plus the patch has not gone away and ever since iv been having serious battery issues as in i lose 1% battery life every few minutes of use on the phone(browsing through screen settings and locations settings etc.) i have lots my mind trying to figure out what the deal is. HELP?

    Have i somehow permanently changed the programing on my device? i am running 1.4.1OS on the verison CDMA network.

    PS, inexperienced user.
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    you need to remove the patch in Preware. If it doesn't show up as installed, install it again and then remove it. you will probably need to restart your phone at that point.

    Ps, that patch shouldn't have any impact on battery life. all it is doing is giving you a more accurate view of remaining charge. The "bar graph" shows increments in 20% increments, so for the first 19% of battery use it will not reduce the number of bars...

    Try an application called Battery Monitor, which gives you a lot of info on battery usage to project time remaining based on how you are actually using your phone.

    Also, find the threads around here with tips on improving battery life. Lot's of tips that really help to stretch out battery life.
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    Understood, ill give that a try. The only problem is i cant remember where i got the patch that's shows the time display change nor can i remember where i got the battery % patch. ill search through preware and try to locate it but so far all attempts have been futile.

    in case anyone knows the patch im speaking of the patch for time shows MM/DD/YY and then the time next to it (no AM or PM distinction)

    while on the charger the % is displayed in blue
    battery display shows % in green from 100-80?
    79-60 in yellow
    59-10 in red as soon as it hits 10 it shows 0 i guess to stress a charge is in order
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    Quote Originally Posted by hayesjordan57 View Post
    Understood, ill give that a try. Could that have anything to do with the battery depletion? Its become a very big problem i am a heavy user and NEED to have web access.
    Smartphones in general have poor battery life, especially with heavy web usage. Concensus has been that 5-6 hours of heavy web use is all a Pre battery can deliver. This is not much worse than other smart phones.

    What sort of battery life are you getting?

    The saving tips are things like turning off unused radios, reducing the amount of synching you do with email and social media sites, and keeping a touchstone handy so it's always charging when idle (currently VZW is blowing them out for $9.99 so you should put them all over the house!).

    Be sure you find the threads with extensive battery saving tips.

    There is also a 1400mAh battery from Mugen that will give you saome additional capacity. Used with an external charger, that allows you to swap batteries when needed.

    Have fun learning, and welcome to a great support community!
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    updated previous post, sorry for any confusion.
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    yeah, i've heard about this
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    any speculation as to why this happens or any preventative measure that can be taken?

    @Workerb33 i typically get about 6 hours of very subtle use. hardly and web us.
    usually close to 4 hours with moderate web use
    and barely 2 hours with heavy web us

    i have limited email to just signing in to hotmail instead of having a direct connection with my email account to save battery. i have my screen dimmed all the way down and all my GPS connections are set to "off" in the location settings.

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