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    I'm on my fourth refurb so Sprint is giving me a brandy-new Pre tonight under their 'Courtesy' program. The Pre I currently have is Dr.'d, overclocked and modertaly patched. My question is, do I need to set it back to factory to avoid any warranty issues? Thanks!!
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    I would, even if not absolutely required.

    If you have any personal info on it, this would wipe it as well.

    Wouldn't hurt and it is easy, so I say YES
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    I'm in the same boat you are and I did doctor my old phone and am still waiting for my new one. Even though I didn't consider a blown speaker a "over-clocked"issue. One thing I did notice however was that my extra pages were not wiped from using the Doctor, I'm not going to bother changing that as (from what someone already told me), they already know about what I've done in the way of O/Cing as apparantly the phone sends that kind of info daily to Palm.
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    Remove any overclock kernal via preware. Go to device menu and do a full erase.
    This will make sure everything on the usb drive is wipe clean. Webos doctor doesn't wipe Pics/videos anymore.

    Other than that... you're all set.

    Good luck with your new phone.
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    ummm, I would clean it

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