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    Have a Palm Pre from Germany in Australia.
    Everything worked fine with Telstra (our big telco here)...but the data was bottle necked because of the 850mhz frequency.

    I am now trying Virgin (on the Optus network)

    No data works at all.

    I am trying to set up this manually...

    I have tried via Phone preferences...but the only options available are APN..username and password.

    When I add "VirginInternet"...the recommended setting I get an error.

    I also have this info below....

    however apart from APN I have no where to add proxy or port.

    Is there somewhere on the Palm Pre where you can add these other settings?
    Can anyone thinks of any reasons why data would not be available at all?

    Any clues of what to try much appreciated!

    * Name: Virgin Internet
    * APN: VirginInternet
    * Proxy:
    * Port: 8070
    * Username:
    * Password:
    * Server:
    * MMSC:
    * MMS Proxy:
    * MMS Port: 8070
    * MCC: 505
    * MNC: 02
    * APN Type: default,supl
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    wow I'm dyslexic! Somehow I saw 'set date australia vigin' thought we got a personals section lol
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    Hi...just a quick update in case anyone from Oz is interested in Virgin....

    the data has actually started going great with the Pre...and the bean counter deal is fantastic they offer on their site...I think it just took a while to kick in as it was a new activation.

    getting good speeds here in Melbourne...all is well!

    Now just need a way to pay for apps! (Working on that one)

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