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    I would like to save my save/restore folder on my Sprint Palm Pre to my desktop wirelessly. Is this possible and if so, what application can I use? I have Zumodrive, but it seems to only do music and photos. TIA
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    Or you can follow my instructions regarding zip/unzip, zip the folder and email it to yourself.

    I use the app Dropboxify along with my Dropbox account to move things around wirelessly.
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    I am currently using Wifi Media Sync, I haven't used it to send my Save/Restore yet, will be doing that here shortly (was supposed to do it last weekend but was lazy).

    I have had great success transferring multiple files from computer to Pre with Wifi Media Sync, just haven't done much the other way yet.
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    Yup....Wifi Wireless Sync is the way to go.
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    thank you, NachoB. I followed your most excellent instructions and now can sync my saverestore folder wirelessly with my Sprint Palm Pre. Slick! Smooth!

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