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    I was watching WeTV's show "Bridezilla" on Sunday night (yes, I'm a chick) and one of the brides used her Pre many times in the episode! However, I think her battery must have run out while talking to her (crazy) mother at one point 'cause a few of the shots showed her holding a different phone (I'm guessing the phone of the friend she was sitting next to) while talking with her mother. (The funny part was, the couple shots with the different phone were interspersed with the many shots with the Pre, so you know some drastic editing was done there! )

    She always talked on the phone with the slider open, which I found funny. At first I thought it was because she had used Universal Search to type the name of the person she was calling, but then I saw her talking on it with the slider open when a person called her.

    It was a Sprint Pre, since you could clearly see "Sprint" printed on the mirror on the back of the slider.

    Awesome she has a Pre, not so awesome she's got that evil sister of hers who set out to ruin the wedding....
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    The Pre has sunk to a new low.
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    it is a girls phone.
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    saw that too.

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