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    Some of you gents and gals might remember my previous palm pre GPU appreciation thread where i demonstrated the differences between the games we've been getting and the games we COULD be getting.

    Well now i'm back again with yet another thread along those lines, but this time there's some hardcore evidence, and a link to get you started running what you see here.

    I'll just start by posting you guys some youtube videos that pretty much say it all:

    Now, go here, and get started for your selves

    Khronos OpenGL ES 2.0 SDK

    ~ Wolfenstein pre-D, Now in Pre-Alpha! ~
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    WOW! thats pretty cool but isnt this more of a developer tool?

    Maybe you should post this in the developer section, you are more likely to get a greater response
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    That's not a bad idea actually, Figured this was just something cool for pre owners to know about, but it is prolly more important for dev's.

    ~ Wolfenstein pre-D, Now in Pre-Alpha! ~

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