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    So, I've only had my Pre for about a month, and this weekend it slid out of my lap in my friends backyard, and landed on the power button on his cement patio. Needless to say... no more power button.

    So I walk into the Sprint store today and ask if there anything they can do without switching my Pre out. I have SR-71 installed and running at 70\1.45mv which is very, very low voltage for 1.2ghz. It's smooth as butter on the slider and has ZERO oreo. Basically, I have a Terminator Pre and don't want to give it up for a possible pink underwear unit.

    For some odd reason they tell me I don't have insurance... which I know I do, I saw it online in my account just last week. But either way, they say no biggie, it's still under warranty. They gladly take my heavily modified and patched Pre running at 1.2ghz with 118 packages installed, and proceed to fix the power button for no charge. Told me to call Sprint and find out about the insurance and sent me on my way.

    Just another satisfied customer saying thanx for being cool Sprint.
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    mine looks good with pink panties, thank you
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    Lol, also forgot to add this is a unit bought off craigslist, not a brand new phone. Kinda makes it all that better IMHO.
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    One more reason to be glad that I've stuck with Sprint.
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    I wish I could say the same thing for Verizon. The good thing it that I'm going to be finished with my contract on my parents plan a few months after I turn 18 right around December in 2012 so I'll hopefully be able to switch to Sprint.

    My family has had nothing but problems with Verizon "messing up" on our bill and refusing to pay because it was a mistake on their end.
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    I left Big Red for Sprint one year ago. I couldn't be happier! Sprint doesn't charge for every little thing IE GPS.
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    Just saw this thread...

    FWIW: I've been nurturing a relationship with my local Sprint Store manager for around 2 + years; it helps I'm around 50, but I think anybody with patience and the ability to find a way to make the manager look good (complimenting the store, the staff, being really grateful etc.) can do it, too.

    The rewards have been great; I'm always respectful of this person's time and don't make demands, but they are always quick to help. I just don't worry about the mothership giving me a hassle, because this manager will make it better if at all possible. I've saved lots of money and, more importantly, lots of time.

    Relationships count more than any particular company--you know: it's not what you know or who you know, but who knows you...or something like that.

    Just my 2 cents...
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    I've had 0 issues with sprint for the 10yrs I've been with them. They even resolved a $1,900 bill issue due to sms on an added phone that was supposed to have unlimited text but apparently didn't. Only took like 15 minutes to resolve too.
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