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    I hastily hid Sprint Navigation as I loaded PreWare and some Homebrew stuff ..can someone guide me in getting it back on my laucner? Thanks a heap!
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    First this is the gsm section so theres no Sprint Nav!

    If you are on Sprint then this should be in the CDMA or general Pre section.

    How did you hide it? advanced launcher patch or the hide Sprintnav Patch? PreWare,WOSQI,or Internalz? We need alot more info before we can help.
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    I used the one that was online...I guess It was internalz or it could have been preware...I donte I want it back..I AM SO TOTALLY EMBARESSED
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    Did you use something on your computer? There are none online!

    If you used WebOS QI to hide it, you can do the same thing to unhide it!

    If you did it from your phone, you had to have used the patch in Preware, you can just go into Preware to your saved package list and uninstall it.

    Calm down and perhaps you shouldn't be playing with your phone, quite so much, if you don't have an idea of what you are doing. PLEASE LEAVE INTERNALZ ALONE!!
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