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    Hi - I have the Touchstone charger and generally love the way it works except it tends to come up with the "Charging Battery" prompt randomly and sometimes repeatedly. I know it could be how I put it on the TS itself but what am I doing wrong then as its not like there is a latch or anything there? I could put the phone on mute but I use the alarm (and charge on TS at night) so if I mute the phone, my alarm won't work.

    Is there a way to disable to little noise you get when the Charging Battery prompt comes on as that is what is annoying me (and my wife)?

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    Not sure what's causing the issue, but if you're using the alarm from the "Clock" app, there is an option to play the sound even if the Pre is set to vibrate.
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    I know this may seem unlikely but could it be your charging cable? I had this problem as well and I knew it was not how I was placing the Pre on the Touchstone. After close examination of the cable and Touchstone I noticed a small break in the wiring near the end, it was barely noticeable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shopharim View Post
    Not sure what's causing the issue, but if you're using the alarm from the "Clock" app, there is an option to play the sound even if the Pre is set to vibrate.
    What he said. You're not doing anything wrong though, it's a known TS problem and it happens to me all the time. There is a patch to mute it but it hasn't been updated for 1.4.5 yet.
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    but the patch is a work around. You have a defective touchstone.
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    yeah I got two of them one always does it the other doesn't.

    If you put a business card or a thin cloth between the phone and the touchstone the problem often goes away for awhile (days, even), but usually comes back at some point.
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    I had this problem with one of my Touchstones (but not the others). I tried to exchange it at the Sprint store but they didn't want to do it (long story). I returned it, got a refund, and ordered a new TS from PreCentral. Problem solved!
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    remember they are $9.99 at verizon - including a car charger.
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    Try the “Disable Charging Alert Sound” patch available from preware to stop the charging alarm sound.
    Also try repositioning the phone on the charger until you find the sweet spot!
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    I thought I had the same problem before, but it turned out to be the high temperature warning. Opening the slider cools it down while on the TS.

    Try to isolate the problem. My palm branded microusb cable at work crapped out on me last week, yielding the same symptoms.
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    Take the back cover off your Pre and put it back on again. The problem should go away then. Sometimes the back cover gets misaligned/contacts on the cover don't quite hit the right spot from general use so the cover needs to be reset in place.

    This isn't a problem you want to just mute, as it can cause the phone to be sitting there but not charging.
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    this 'random charging alert' thing is a huge problem for me, and it does it on both of my TS units. Only my Pre Plus does it (my old original Pre that I use does not). I have the Charging Alert Vibrate Only patch installed, and my Pre now vibrates randomly throughout the night disturbing my sleep (and more importantly, my wife's!).

    Reinstalling the back/battery have no permanent effect.

    Are there any other solutions?
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    I had this problem once...scared the dickens out of me as I was nearly asleep, but not quite. That was about a week after I bought my TS. Hasn't happened since.
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    There is a 1 year warranty on the Touchstone.

    If you are having this problem contact Palm directly and they will send you a replacement touchstone free of charge with no need to return the defective one.

    BTW : You will have to fax them your proof of purchase.
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    I also had this issue when I bought my TS and it drove me absolutely crazy!!!! But I wasnt using the Palm cable to connect the TS to! As soon as I used a Palm charging cable (not a third party cable charger) the problem went away and I never had a problem since!

    I hope its as simple of a fix for you as it was for me!
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    I have had this issue on two of the four touchstones in our family. Both times I applied the fix that I read on PreCentral, which is to merely place a couple pieces of paper (or other material of similar thickness) between the touchstone and the Pre. Specifically, on one I cut a couple circles of index card, and on another, I applied a couple strips of electrical tape (double thickness) above and below the Palm logo.

    I have not had a single errant beep on either (one of which is in our bedroom, so we'd notice).

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    I have only had my touchstone for about a week and i also experience this issue. After looking through the forums i was able to find this

    I have yet to try it myself but by the looks of it most people are solving the issue with this simple mod.
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    I can confirm Richard's mod above works like a charm. 5 minutes work.
    Do not try to take the TS apart to solve this issue.

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