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    This just started a week ago. Everytime I use the phone to make or recieve calls, the touch screen goes black and non responsive so I have to take out the battery and pop it right back in then turn the phone back on and let it boot up. ughhh....
    Looking for some advice to resolve this issue. Or someone who had this problem and what did you do. Thanks
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    is the call disconnected?

    might be your finger, or something, is close to the proximity sensor? It's on the top right part of the screen. try to make sure that area is unobstructed.
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    This can also happen if you have a screen protector on that covers the proximity sensor, it screws it up, so it doesn't know when you have moved the phone away from your face.
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    Yeah, sounds like a problem with the proximity sensor. This typically only gets activated by the phone app, and will blank the screen when it gets near something (like your face).

    There's some diagnostic tests in the Device Info app. I'd start by running the "Screen" tests there. As someone else mentioned, it's possible that a screen protector may affect this ... or even something like dirt on the screen.

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