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    Just got the bell palm pre and i put it into developer mode so i could play with it

    before i move and get a plan(no point in getting 1 yet). The next day i shut it

    down and when i went to turn it back on it kind of turned on i mean the

    keyboard lights were on and when i moved the ringer switch it would do the

    vibrate thing, but the screen was black... I tried a bunch of stuff like removing

    the battery and doing doctor thing but nothing seems to work. I'm guess its a

    hardware problem? I suppose i should take it to the store tomorrow or am i just

    missing something?
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    Yes, you're missing something... A good working phone. Never settle for less, strive toward the best. Please do return the phone. The first sign of problem like that, usually get worse.

    Best of Luck.

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