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    My wife's Pre has a broken power button. It doesn't go up and down anymore like it should. The only way to use it now is to press it really hard which will probably eventually break it completely.

    I've done the Pre->Pre+ transplant with my own phone which left me with a Sprint Pre with a VZW board in it that I'm not using for anything.

    So my question is, before I start hacking away: Is it possible to transplant the power button from that pre into my wife's pre? My wife's is otherwise in a much better condition than my old one which is why I don't want her to get my old one.

    Does anyone know if this can be done?
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    I recall reading somewhere that you can pop the button cap off, wedge a thing piece of paper under the metal strip, and snap the cap back on to fix this issue. If I can find the post I'll repost it here.
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    I found it, with pictures too!

    9 Simple Fixes for the Palm Pre | webOSroundup
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    I also think the app I saw today that's been created for a broken on/off button is pretty cool. I don't have need of it yet but glad it's there just in case..

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    This happened to me. The button wouldn't go down far enough to power on/off.
    I popped it off and placed a very small drop of super glue on the tip of the button. So, it was basically like a small extension. Once it hardened, I snapped it back in and worked perfectly
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    Using awesome info in the forums I was able to get mine to work perfectly (and the repair has lasted 6 months so far) by popping the button out, putting a tiny dab of hot melt glue in the center of the button and two tiny bits of rubber band on either side of the button hole. The dab of hot melt glue helps make contact with the button inside and the rubber bands add recoil. I had to play around with the size of glue dab and the size of the rubber bands but took maybe 30 minutes total.
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    Happened to my old Pre, the button is super easy to pop out, just get a small knife or screwdriver or even a toothpick and just pry it off. It takes almost no pressure, then just switch them. If you press harder though, it won't break any more than it already is.
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    yep happened to mine. It's like it looses it's springyness. What I did was pop the button off (make sure it doesn't fly off!) and cut a small piece of an eraser and put it underneath the button. I've had to relace the eraser once since because it got completely smashed flat. I'm going to try a rubber band next time.
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    I cut a small piece of rubber band and stuck it in there. It's been working for months.
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    Just tried the paper trick and it's working so far. Downloaded the ScreenOff app in case I need it in the future. Didn't even know it was there!
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    I fiddled with my button after removing the back. Just pried it up a little bit, then slid it back in to place and it fixed itself. Problem happened about 3 weeks after getting it and has been fine for a couple months since. The walkthrough should do pretty much the same thing.
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    This just happened to me and I thought I was screwed. Thanks for the help on how to fix it!

    At first I tried with a rubberband, and while it made the button nice and springy, the rubberband moved after a few presses and slider openings. Now I'm using the piece of paper and it works fine, just not as springy.

    Maybe I'll look for a thinner rubberband.
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    My experience with the paper trick is the same - still working but not as "springy".

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