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    Okay so my verizon pre plus phone function stopped working today.
    it was working fine. i set it in mobile hotspot mode and it worked fine.
    my phone reset itself and now the i cannot hear the caller.
    the phone will play music, my ringtones, notifications, etc. all fine, but i can't hear the caller. i can make and recieve calls, but hear nothing.

    it doesn't work with headphones, speakerphone or on the normal setting.
    I really need this fixed asap, thanks you for your help
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    If you found my post useful then please sign up for a Dropbox Account, I could use the extra 250mb of storage.

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    i appreciate it, but i've tried all that.
    it doesn't fix it.

    it won't play sound during a call through headphones, the speaker, or regularly
    however it will play a ringtone and music
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    any help?
    i spent 40 minutes on palm chat today to no avail, any help from the p|c community?
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    try running the doctor. If that doesn't solve it, you need a replacement
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    Try running the Repair Utility before resorting to the Doctor.
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    did you try the ghastly headset app to force it to phone mode?
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    [QUOTE=did you try the ghastly headset app to force it to phone mode? [/QUOTE]

    I did a search on Ghastly as suggested and found the discussion page. To my disappointment the program is being discontinued, and the program is not being released in its current form. Does anyone know another place it can be downloaded?
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    call your carrier and get your phone replaced
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    My phone stopped working in a similar way, except that speaker phone still worked. I took it to the Sprint store, and they fixed it. Turns out the problem was that the phone was over-full, and didn't have the space to load stuff - like the phone app - properly. Oddly enough, most everything else worked fine, if sluggishly.

    I removed all my music, and the problem cleared up. I have since put back a lot of music, but have been careful not to run the storage to its limit.
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    welp i'm just gonna exchange my phone.
    thanks for the help tho guys lol
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    be sure you back up preware stuff (from within preware) and use save/restore to back up your apps before copying everything to your PC...
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    i'll check to see if ghastly is still on my pc. This is a must have for pre users when the headset sticks.
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