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    Hello everyone,

    I am a musician who does a cappella music and I have a Palm Pre Plus through AT&T. I have searched and searched and I can't seem to find any type of multitrack recording or live looping apps for my phone.

    They have two apps in particular for iphone that I like. Voice Band and Every day Looper. I have yet to find anything at all like this for Palm Pre Plus.

    Has anyone heard of any apps for PPP that are like these and if not, is there anything in the works? Frankly, I'm pretty disappointed with the app selection so far for Palm WebOs especially as a vocal musician.

    Any way, any help you might have would be great!

    Thanks in advance!

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    great idea. Hope someone can work on it.
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    This might do what ou want, but it's a minimum OS of 1.4.5 and we are AT&T (me to) and therefore shunned.

    Once the OTA comes out, you should be able to d/l, but until then...

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    There is no microphone API available to developers yet, so there are no recording applications. It should be available (eventually) in webOS 2, but there have been no date-specific announcements yet.

    Here's a link to an announcement from April: webOS to get mic, camera API, faster services, plenty more by fall

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