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    I'm having a little trouble connecting to my hotspot. It shos on my laptops wireless connect list, but when I connect to it the internet will not connect. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried two different laptops and they both did the same thing.
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    Make sure you have signal on your phone, this happens to me whenever I try in a basement or something
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    Yeah it does. It shows a full signal on my laptop.
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    maybe try removing mhs and reinstalling it? other than that I dont have much for you
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    Could you tell me how to remove it properly?
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    first remove th4 security setting in MHS (set it to "open") to make sure it isnt a security issue.
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    This happens to me often if I dont have 3G, and sometimes even when I do. I usually have to turn off MHS then back on, and if that doesnt work I disconnect manually from my computer then reconnect. Usually if I turn on MHS before I start up my computuer I dont have problems. Always make sure it says 3G before you turn on MHS.
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    Make sure what says 3G?
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    the phone signal
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    I have Verizon and I have a little 3G symbol that shows up next to the phone signal bars when I have 3G service, and thats the only time the internet works. Other servers might have different symbols.
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    I have Sprint. I'm not sure where it would say 3G.
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    Well you must have some type of signal that lets you know when you have data service. When I don't have 3G then I cant use internet on my phone or MHS. Maybe if you look in your booklet or something it will say what that would be for Sprint.
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    I can always connect to the internet on my phone. So it must always be on 3G. It shows up as a possible connection on my laptop and I can connect to it. It's just when I try to open the internet it won't load the internet.
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    It is very frustrating. I appreciate all your help. Hopefully we can figure this thing out.
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    On Sprint the symbol says EV instead of 3G
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    OK. It does say that, but still has the problem.
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    reboot the phone

    test internet connection on the phone

    reboot computer
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    Bigred -there are a number of defective Pres out there which need to connect to a specific server address. I got sent one as a refurb and I'm furious. Call Palm support and explain the problem. They'll then walk you through the usual waste of time stuff that you have already done, then kick you up to another level os support who will want to connect remotely to your computer. Instead of just telling you what to do they'll want to connect to your computer remotely and then change all the settings on your WiFi connection so it works with your Pre. Yay!

    Until you try to use your laptop with anything else. They won't tell you that the changes they made work ONLY with your Pre and so you have to lie with switching all of your settings back and forth. (Keep good notes because they seem incapable of explaining why they are doing what they're doing.)

    Good luck. If all else fails... PM me and I can give you the settings. But I want Palm to know that they need to FIX this problem with more than a patch.
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    What settings need to be changed?
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    PM sent.

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