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    Well it's time to drop off my 2nd Pre to Bell Mobility to get that speaker fixed. I'm getting a Pre loaner phone and was wondering if anyone else out there has gotten a loaner and then Preware'd the sweet zombie jesus out of it? I was up to 175 or so packages, with about 40 of those patches.

    UPDATE: If you've already gotten a replacement through the $7/month plan

    Due to having received a replacement phone(physically damaged) already through MobileCare, I was unable to have my phone sent in to get fixed(through Bell Mobility). Instead they are sending me a "new" phone 1-3 business days for no charge. Aside from having to put on a
    3rd InvisiShield, I'm ok with that, and I imagine on the 3rd time it will be even easier than the previous 2.
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    That sounds like my Pre+ right now.

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