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    Is anyone out there waiting on a Grooveshark update? I love the application but after constant daily use there are a *ton* of little bugs that are really starting to wear me down. Maybe it's just me?
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    Yeah same here. Love the service and its worth the price even in the buggy state of the app on WebOs. With that said I would love to see an update come and hopefully there are a number of us who can reach out to Grooveshark and request an updated version of their app. Dieter spoke about how great the service is on the Precentral Podcast, maybe he could get involved as well.
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    I use GroooveShark on my Pre, computer and my iPod Touch.

    Without question, the ability to save entire playlists and songs for "Off Line Use" on the iPod is awesome. The pre is pretty good, but certainly the worst of the 3 grooveshark experiences.

    Hopefully they show some more support for Palm Devices soon, but im not holding my breathe.

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    I love the service, but really would like to see a Shuffle function. Pretty important feature that the Pre version is lacking...
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    I am! Wanting notifications player control, shuffle, and ability to tweet what I'm listening. Still a great app.

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