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    Hey, really like the idea of the onscreen keyboard but its not really useable for me in its current form. as it lays often over the text input field and you have to move it arround alot if you want to use it in different apps.
    Then i thought about a keyboard as notification... i came up with the idea after i realized how smooth the WebOS apps resize if even a big notification (like the USB Selection) opens up. Apps like Mail, the Browser or Messaging resize just fine.
    As im no coder i just created some fake screenshots to make clear what my idea is about. I Know this resize feature only works in portrait mode but it is imo much more usable as the current overlay keyboard.

    What do you think about this idea? is it possible at all?

    Link to original post:

    Please let your thoughts be known. I figured i'll post it here because not a lot of people actually look in the developers forum. I also pm'ed egaudet about this idea. If you like it, i guess you can pm him too to let him know your thoughts about this or you can just drop your thoughts here
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    I would try VKB again if it works like this, it is awkward as it is.
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    looks kool too me . better than the way it works now.
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    yes that would be awesome. I hate how it kinda covers what you're typing right now.
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    I like the layout.
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    That would make me actually use the VKB Patch since Palm is never going to get around to releasing one and if they do Verizon will block the update.
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    if I remember correctly at the time that I was working on the VKB with eric this wasn't possible. It had to be an overlay. But, maybe it is possible now. This is really how it ought to work. My vote's in if this is indeed possible now.
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    What an amazing idea!!!!!! Think of all the possibilities. I don't know if the rest of the community will like this but make the vkb have a notification at the bottom right so whenever you want to use it, just click on the notification and voila! a keyboard! i think this would be much better than the double meta-tap that we have to do now, as it takes me multiple tries to open/close it. if people close the notification, you can always add a VKB app on the launcher so whenever you press it the notification pops up again!

    Just my hopes and dreams for this awesome addition to my phone.
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    I agree vkb is wayyy to akward when typing and deleted it not long after adding it. But with this feature it would work basically like the other systems vkb's do (not exactly but hey)
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    i dont mind getting my page shrink up like that neither.
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    Defintely, I wld like this..
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    It looks like a good idea that allows VKB to integrate better with applications. I really like a physical Keyboard (one of the reasons I got a Pre Plus) but this concept will make a VKB more appealing.
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    Great idea, I've never thought of doing it this way. I hope there is a way that we can do it.
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    how would it look in landscape?
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    I like the continuity from the regular keyboard. Its familiar so its easier to use. The colors make the functions stand out as well. I like it!
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    I should have made this a poll. Hopefully a mod reads this and makes it a poll. But speak your mind guys. I'll direct egaudet to this thread once im able to get in contact with him.
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    This is the way to go if it's possible.
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    good idea.
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    I would use this version, current one is OK for short one liners.
    Joe C.
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    That would be nice.
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