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    I have had my Pre (2 Pre's actually...dropped one) with sprint since the first month it came out. Love the phone. However, I just went through a divorce, and it just made since to go to verizon, due to my parents having a family plan, and I could add a line for $9. Instead of going all out with the Droid X, I figured I'd just get a Pre Plus from them for $49 (new customer price), until I got some bills paid off. However, once in the store, the Pixi Plus was right next to the Pre Plus, and I picked it up for the hell of it. I instantly fell in love with the phone's keyboard, and how slim and compact it was. My two gripes with my Pre were the keyboard keys, and the slide feeling a little 'loose' after 8 months of heavy use. I've only had my Pixi Plus for a week now, but I'm pretty smitten with it. The Cnet review (it was the original Pixi, not the plus) mentioned lag times due to the processor being a hair slower, but my Pixi actually doesn't lag as much as my pre....which I think is due to the Verizon 3g network in my area just being quicker than sprint. Anyway...the screen is smaller, but not too small, the phone feels significantly more solid, and the keyboard is the best on any phone I've used. The keys feel like they are 1/3" tall. Anyway, I just figured I post and see if anyone else went from a pre to a pixi plus.
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    Did you try the Pre Plus keyboard while you were there? Because the Pre Plus's keyboard was updated to be more like the Pixi (Although I suppose that's not something you want to hear at this point )
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    i did. best phone ever. pixi is simply amazing. it's so practical now and people actually think it is a good lookin phone.

    don't miss the pre's bigger screen. and pixi is not that much slower.

    so waiting for the palm pad now for my main reading. pixi's screen is good enough to check things on the go.


    love the covers! i have a few differnet colours already!
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    Haven't made the switch but I've always been curious of the Pixi. I love the form factor, just think the screen is awkwardly sized after getting used to my Pre, and it's not OC'able and I'd need that. I've played around with a regular Pixi and found it ultimately too slow for me. Plus being on Sprint the no WiFi think just wouldn't work out for me.

    Sorry to hear about the divorce though buddy. Rooting for you to get your 80%.
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    I did just about a month ago and am quite happy I did. I loved my Pre but the slider was always feeling like it was making me work lol. Sounds lazy I know but when you send a lot of texts everyday having to open it up every single time was a PITA and I was afraid to leave it open feeling like it might snap off. I did like the shape of the Pre and was afraid I wouldnt love the Pixi+ shape after that but really I like it just as much. The screen size doesnt bother me at all like I expected it would and the phone feels very solid in my hand. Plus I love the keyboard on the Pixi+. I love both phones equally because of WebOS but as far as form factor goes I think I like the Pixi+ just a teenie bit more. As for the switch from Sprint to Verizon all in all Im happy with that move as well. My service at home was trash with Sprint. With Verizon I have great service. My only gripe is I had a lot of games on my Pre and until Verizon gives us the 1.4.5 update those games are gone. Even when the update comes Im going to have to pay for most of them again to get the Pixi version and there are a few I cant get at all that wont work on Pixi. That has nothing to do with Verizon though (other than the update hold up) so I cant fault them for that. Good luck!
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