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    Hey guys just wanted to post this so you can see how the power button is set up since most of you want be taking your Pre apart this far...

    For some this may help to fix or understand why your power button stops working i have bought 2 pre's for parts and one would not turn on turns out it was the back (see pick) that was busted off because of button being pressed to hard or dropped on the power button Please note this this pic of the button back is not a broken one this is how it all should look when you have a working power button...

    I have also worked on Pre's that the button its self had dirty contacts. You can (very carefully) Peal off the button top (the orange looking tape and round depressor contact) Don't pull the whole button off! once its off clean any black looking junk that's built up inside don't use any thing that will kill the sticky of the tape holding it on there or it will just fall off. After its clean place it back on then you should be good to go hope this helps....

    I have also included a photo of a good working outer button with the part that presses on the button its self the part you see when the pre is all put together...

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    my power button has lost it's pep. Not springy anymore. Grrr
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    Mine still has spring but doesn't turn device or screen on/off so I will be trying this later. Thanks!
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    My phone lost MAJOR PEP > Any way to replace that? Get a button from a part out?
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    Does it still work ok? If it still work it should be fine... But u can replace the contact from another parts unit just be careful with it...
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    i cut a small piece of rubber band and placed it in mine. it brought the "spring" back.
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    Spent a few moments this morning seeing about fixes for the power button. Pre support said since I was under warranty I could return the phone- i didn't want to go through that hassle. One person somewhere on this site i believe suggested using a tiny piece of paper and that's what I did. I took off the power button, tore off and rolled up a couple tiny pieces of paper and stuck them in the center hole underneath the power button. Then I replaced the power button. It works fine. Yes it's tempting getting a whole new phone, but it would be my third since I had to replace my first pre about a week after I got it because of other issues. For now it's fixed.
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    There's a couple of other threads showing how to fix this using a piece of rubber band. I suggest doing that rather than paper, as it seems like rubber is less likely to slide out of place than paper.

    Most rubber bands are too thick, and have to be trimmed. Just a suggestion: trim the end of the rubber band to the right thickness (about half as thick as standard) before you cut it to length. It's a lot easier to thin it while it's still attached than it is to cut a tiny piece off, then try to cut that tiny piece in half.

    Also, nail clippers work great.
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    One thing I notice is that the black dot on the power button goes missing on units that have the flat power button issue.

    So far I've had luck with electrical tape, trim 2-3 clippings and lay it over. Not good as new but clicky enough to indicated the button has been pressed.
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    The power button on my old Pre just quit working the other day. Going to see if I can get it to work. Guess I better not ever completely power it down until I get the button working again!
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    i used some shredded up ballon under mine and it works better then when it came out of the box! And thats for the last six months!
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    Mine was beyond repair... I was stuck with NO power button...
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    Ive tried a few different options...paper, shipping foam, etc.

    The best thing Ive found so far is a piece of the inner rubber foam from a replacement paper roller for an HP printer.
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    Here's a pic of what Im talking about...
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    There's a power button app on Preware that turns your phone off. Then you need to use the slider to turn it back on. In a pinch, it's not bad. And, when the rest of the phone is performing fine, it's hard to want to swap it out.
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    My son's power button is failing. What is the name of the app in Preware to turn off your phone??
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    Quote Originally Posted by cruelpupet View Post
    Here's a pic of what Im talking about...
    Thanks! My power button decided to stop working (6 month into my second pre). I took it apart, and tried paper, then decided I would search to see if someone else had tried somethign else. That picture reminded me of weatherstripping, which worked perfectly. Also, it has the advantage of having adhesive on the back, so hopefully it should stay in place!

    I used a tiny tiny piece of it. It's not as good as when I first got it, but its way better than no power button!
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    where can i buy the OEM Palm Pre Plus Camera Flex Cable Ribbon from????? please reply i need help
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