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    Mine was acting up and i took the orange/silver contact out. It lost its clickyness and I tried to reshape it but no luck. It appears I could use tweezers and take a good button off another pre and swap it in again. I may try it once I get home. Its just very dead feeling now and I dont like it.
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    Update per the above:

    I was able to a functioning button (orange tape with the button under it) and pop it off with a small flathead screwdriver. I think proceeded to put this button onto my current phone to replace it by positioning it over the silver contacts. I pushed the tape around the perimeter as not to smash the new button down. Then I popped in the plastic power button and I have a clicky button again.

    So if your power buttons dead, you could always get a used/for parts phone on ebay and try to fix your unit. Its a very delicate/tedious project but another surgery thats kept my pre alive
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    I wish i knew why all of a sudden my power button just stopped working, very inconvient but the rest of the phone works great.
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