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    hi, i am very interested in purchasing an att palm pre plus. i have been to the store several times to play with the phone. i have a question: i cannot get a particular website to load its pages. the website is Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 302 - Read Online at Manga Stream and while the title page and the next page (credits) will load, no other page will. i get the ads on the side of the page, but nothing where the pictures should be. any ideas? i can get this site to work on blackberry (both my current curve and the bold 9700), samsung captivate, and the htc aria.

    trouble is, i really want the pre plus. i could really use any help you could provide.

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    What happens if you forcefully scroll down on the page?

    Same here. Just 1 page loads. Rest not.
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    I just surfed the site from my Pre & besides the Flash ads everything worked great.
    Hmmm?.....It's a Palm Pre, here, let me show you something cool...;-)
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    @ GuyFromNam & blaircragon: Are you both running the most current version of #webOS? I tried to load the page on my AT&T Pre Plus (we do not have 1.4.5 yet) and it would not load like dougberttanner experienced. I was using my home wifi to surf so it's not a 3G issue.
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    i am wondering if this is a webos issue. att currently runs 1.4.2 and i am beginning to think it is that. does anyone use 1.4.5? and, when might that update be available for att pre plus?

    thanks, guys for the help. its appreciated.
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    running wr 145

    Edit: so no, it's not a firmware version issue.
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    AT&T has been mum on when they will release it. Don't bother asking a rep. They will just refer you back to Palm.
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    I'm running 1.4.5
    Hmmm?.....It's a Palm Pre, here, let me show you something cool...;-)
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    works for me - bell pre 1.4.5

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