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    Alright, I'm guessing by now that several people thought I fried my phone and am looking for warranty repair work. HA. No. Here's my story, I have blown the speaker on my phone and am sending it in tomorrow to get it fixed. I do have a O/C'd phone UK 1GHz and now that I've doctored my phone prior to sending it in, what a DIFFERENCE. Pretty sad as far as performance back in the old 500MHz.

    Ok so my question is: Has anyone out there overclocked their phone, which as we all know VOIDS THE WARRANTY, and then had an issue come up where they had to send it in for repair? I really don't think that this was at all related to the OC, so much as me cranking out some Pantera for 1 song, I dunno maybe I'm wrong.

    And there was a thread yesterday or the day before about if people noticed any difference with overclocking and to be honest it's like the difference of a black and white movie and one of them new 3D movies that keep coming out.
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    Actually it doesn't void your warranty, but MAY void your warranty IF the failure is OC related.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pastorrich1 View Post
    Actually it doesn't void your warranty, but MAY void your warranty IF the failure is OC related.
    What he said

    Palm never said it will void the warranty.. They said it might. that might is the working word
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

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    the first thing they do to your old phone is erase it.
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    When I sent my old Pre in for a replacement it was OC'd to 800Mhz but before you call me stupid there was nothing I could do. It was one of those stuck in "Phone Offline" mode and the battery wouldn't charge for some reason and it was at like 8% and we all know doctoring needs like 30 or something. But anyway moral of the story is they didn't have a problem with it. Just like everyone before me said though, unless the problem is OC related you should be fine.

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