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    I was wondering if there was patch that would increase the SMS ringtone length to something like 20 seconds because i have a great ringtone i wanna use (Download Screaming Message ringtones to your cell phone - message sreaming - 49420 | Zedge) of a guy screaming the word "message" but it cuts it off before it gets to the end.

    as well is there a patch that would cut it off after i unlock the phone or press the power button for when i get to my phone fast enough?
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    look in preware it's a patch that extends sms ringtone length to five seconds it's what I use.. Hope it helps
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    is there any way to change that 5seconds to 20?
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    it might be but you may have to ask someone who knows how to do that.. GOOD LUCK
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    yep get the patch from preware it wil go up to 1 minute. Make sure you limit the length in the tone though because there is no way to stop it early.
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    whats the patch called?
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    Look for Extend Notification Tone Time Limit in Preware.
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    oh perfect thanks

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