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    so my phone was acting slow, so i decided to turn it off and resart it... well when it restarted, it said i have been forced to restart and when the phone did, i lost all the add ons, msg's email accounts etc....

    the phone was as if it was setting up a new account...

    So i logged into my profile, thinking ok, everything will be fine, to find the phone restared with half my stuff missing......

    so my question is, how do i get all my stored profile info back, etc... all my apps and everything is gone, ie accu radi, and accu weather and all the other lil things i had, poof, gone!!

    help pls!
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    If your profile backed up after those apps were installed (every 24 hrs by default) they should be stored as part of your profile backup and will reload with a profile reload. You do that by going to the device info app and scroll to the bottom and tap reset options then select apps and data erase (that is a profile reload). It will come up like you described again. If it doesn't bring back all of your apps, go to the app catalog and see if it allows you download any of the paid ones you had for free.

    If that doesn't work call Palm.

    You cannot get back your SMS history or call log. It is gone. But your contacts, apps, memos and accounts should all be with your profile.

    All homebrew will have to be re-installed.
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