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    Ok, please don't flame me if this belongs elsewhere or because I'm sure most people don't bother even using this app.

    I create "post-it" reminders regarding items I've ordered and am awaiting their arrival or quick errands or other "to dos". I'd love if this app had a couple of other features:

    1. A few more "pastel" color options would be kind of cool besides the standard yellow, pink, green and blue. Perhaps a pale purple, orange and teal? Just a bit more variety along the lines of easter egg dye colors.
    2. It would add a bit of additional variety if the notes could also have other shapes - kind of like real post-its do? (heart, butterfly, flower, star, tulip, clover, diamond, etc.)
    3. Patterned paper would even be a "style" improvement.
    4. Like real post its - an option for seasonal varieties would be fun. At Christmas your notes could be a tree, a gingerbread man, star, gift box, etc. with appropriate colored paper/patterns. For example, a green tree note with the pattern of ball ornaments and your reminder to "buy christmas tree" stuck on the board would be fun! Similar "seasonal pack" selections for Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving/Fall yadda yadda - you get the idea - to choose from throughout the year.
    5. Options (unless I've missed something in the app) for changing how the font behaves. I currently have one post-it on the corkboard that says "cleaners" as a reminder that I need to drop off some clothes and the font is large and that wouldn't be a bad thing except that it wraps the word as "Clea ners" and that's just kind of dumb and visually rather annoying. It did the same thing with "Headph one adapter" (see screencap)
    6. A little variety in picking a different background other than the corkboard would be kind of fun as well.

    I'd happily donate to the developer/cause if something like this could someday be accomplished.

    OK end of my "pseudo rant".

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