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    A simpleminded question from a new user: when WiFi is activated, does the phone default to it? I.e. no air-time charges? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    if there is a "known"(it needs to know the password if encrypted) network for it to connect to.
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    Well, yes, naturally.
    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    Also nice about it, is that it uses way less battery on Wi-Fi. I keep my Wi-Fi on so when I'm at home it defaults over to that and the touchstone charger more than keeps it full charge no matter what I'm doing/streaming.
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    Want to know how much data you're using on either, use Netstat.
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    As soon as i get near my house, my Pre automatically picks up my wifi signal.
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    Let's be clear here. No charges for data (email, web, etc.). But you still get "charged" for calls and texts (depending on your plan).

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