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    I cannot update my Palm Pre today. I am getting the message, "Unable to connect. Try again later." Is anyone else having this problem today? I check for updates almost everyday, and even if there is no update, I get the standard, "Your system is up to date." message. Thanks.
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    Working normally for me here in The Lou. In my experience this can happen from time to time.

    Do your have a Wi-Fi and/or cellular signal at the moment? Does the web browser work?
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    what carrier are you on? I have no problem getting it to show updates with Verizon, but the only update I care about is 1.4.5 so I can get Angry Birds.

    maybe your carrier is about to launch 1.4.5?
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    Yes, I have a 3G WiFi signal on, my carrier is Sprint, and I can also browse Websites on my Palm Pre. Perhaps the Palm "Updates" server is down?
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    It's working for me. I just checked for updates using Sprint Pre. It told me that I had two apps that were ready for updates.
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    Thanks everyone. My updates is working fine now.

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