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    A lot of people have tossed the idea of Palm fully embracing homebrew patches and including them in the App Catalog (or a separate patch catalog). I just listened to Rahul Sood on the Palmcast, and in the bit that starts at about 20:00, he mentions that something to do with the homebrew community is in the pipeline and ready to be announced in a couple weeks time.

    Now, without speculating about the possibility of one big announcement including 2.0 and new hardware (see what I did there?), I'd just like to give the Patch Catalog discussion a centralised home because it seems like some people (not me!) don't like the idea that much.

    For me, it would be truly revolutionary - not at all in the Apple sense ("awesome") but in the actual sense. Palm would not only completely blur the lines between 'homebrew' and 'proper' developers, I'm also not aware that anything like that - letting the user quite officially modify the operating system itself at will and to taste - has ever been done.
    It would also make the patching experience just that much safer - even with patches being opensource and webOS Internals having an eye on them, there's always that possibility of malicious code in homebrew. If patch coders sent the patches to Palm for checking and upload to the feeds, that possibility would be minimized.

    Also, while Preware totally rocks, I think you all will agree that a vendor app providing the same functionality -- i.e. an App Catalog with a 'Patches' and 'Themes' category -- is to be vastly preferred, if only because then, EVERY webOS user, no matter how involved in internet research about their phone, can use it. Preware would still provide all of its functionality, and would serve some completely unique purpose in managing extreme homebrews like Overclocks that Palm simply can't offer officially (their lawyers would probably rather blow up headquarters with C4 than see them go do that)

    So, what do you think? Could this, or something akin to it, be up on the platter for us? If so, do you think it's awesome that Palm hearts the Community, do you think it's pointless since it's already possible, or do you think it's terrible... for whatever reason?
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    Maybe an extension system that would allow developers to more easily code patches and integrate them into OS without restarting Luna?
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    I am listening to the podcast now but am well past that point. I am definitely pumped about what may be announced.

    I think a patch catalog would be great, as long as they keep everything as open outside of that as it currently is. It would also be nice if they integrated some of the config things into the profile backup.

    Themes capability that don't break with OTA would be really nice. I would theme then.
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