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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    The Sprint insurance deductible for the Pre is $100, it is the highest for any phones, older non-smartphones are $50.
    Not true actually. I had to pay $100 for my BB Curve about 9 months ago. Let me tell you... I RAGED on Sprint over that one.

    Edit - missed the non in front of smartphone... I guess the BB Curve is TECHNICALLY a smartphone.... but I mean really... $100 deductible on a $50 phone???
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    PayPal will probably rule in favor of you.
    Just escalate it to a claim as soon as you can, and PayPal will reserve the purchase amount on the seller's account.
    Basically if the seller shipped something that to you does not seem as advertized, PayPal will allow you to return the product and get your money back.
    That's my personal experience though, no guarantee.
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    Although I'm sure all of us in the forums would like to hold him down while you punch this person in the stomach and then pull their pants down so we can laugh at them, that is not how it works unfortunately. I agree that PayPal will most likely rule in your favor as well, and I hope you get your money back. But have faith in the people in these forums. Don't let one bad apple ruin the bunch. This is one of the best forums on the internet!

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    so thatnk you to everyone who has posted to this problems and the support. So some good new for the day i went to the sprint store and i am getting it replaced, since the sprint store i go to is no longer a corprate store so they couldnt fix it so they ordered me a replacement it will be here on monday. So my plans are to wait to get the replacement phone and when i do i will go ahead and cancel my dispute, im glad i have come to a conclusion on this problem.
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    and i recived an email from the guy today regarding the issue and he said that he is sorry and was willing to work with me so that is good new as well he said he would send me another touch stone adn another battery if i will think about it.
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    First, sorry for your bad experience.

    We have all the disclaimers on the marketplace but still this happens. Buying here is like buying from a phone from some guy who walked up to you in an alley.

    True there are several like Trim who have sold hundreds of items with many happy clients. But if you buy from someone who is making their 5th post, that is not a lot of chat history let alone history of previous sales.

    One thing you can always do is ask the person to list it as a private auction on eBay so that only you can bid. Tell them that you will pay the auction costs.

    But since there seems to be an endless supply of "like-new" Pres on eBay, why not just buy on eBay instead? You can see their sales history and you have more recourse. And the Pre's on eBay are a lot less than this even considering the touchstone.

    And if you think there were a lot of Pre's on eBay since the EVO came out, watch for the flood of eBayed Pre's starting on August 31st when the Epic hits.

    Please also note that being a "member" here is not much of a credential. Anyone can be a member here. We do no background checks.

    Caveat Emptor.

    - Craig
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    this is the number one reason I don't buy used goods off of the net.. Sorry my man everyone heart is not gold hope it works out. GOOD LUCK
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    just want you guys to know that I understand that I made a mistake but I was going to buy from ebay but I figured this great commnity has helped me with so much why not try and stay here and hope for the best. Now I never said that you should background anyone but I did ask various questions spoke with him and received a few pics and like I said before they were no where near the same as what I received.
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