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    I have a bunch of patches and a few homebrew apps installed on my phone. Ever since I installed the WebOS I've experience problems with the arrangement of my menu items. I can rearrange them fine when the phone is on, but when I run out of battery, the menu items rearrange back to a seemingly default order. Oddly enough though, the 4 items in my launch bar stay even if the phone turns off.

    Please help!!!! My phone dies like once every two or three days and I'm so sick of rearranging my icons every single time my phone dies. It's the most annoying thing EVER! If someone can tell me what exactly I need to do to fix this problem, I would love you forever.
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    Time to doctor. Same thing happened to me. However, after i doctored my phone I've never had the problem seen.
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    Check this out[/URL]

    (Since I can't insert a link properly, just highlight the entire red colored text link above and don't include the [/URL] part and copy and paste it into your browser. I don't know why I always have problems with these dag gone links)

    The doctor fixed the Pre's icon rearranging problem for me. I couldn't figure out any other way and I tried all of the traditional Preware techniques like EPR and all those other Linux operations.
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