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Since imitation is the sincerest form a flattery, here is a knock off that tries to combine aspects of the Pre & the Iphone....

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Palm Pre comes with iPhone home button
Posted on Aug 26, 10 10:01 AM PDT

Palm Pre Clone - Palm Pre comes with iPhone home button

Can't decide on whether you would want to rock to a Palm Pre or an iPhone? Why not get "both" so to speak? This is an interesting cloned device which comes in the form of the Palm Pre, although it will also feature the iPhone home button that many people are familiar with. Hardware features include a QWERTY keyboard, the aforementioned iPhone home button alongside an operating system that tries to pull itself off as the iOS. As with many other cloned handsets out there, this one will also support dual SIM, accompanied by two cameras, a 3" touchscreen display at 240 x 400 resolution, a microSD memory card slot, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It will play nice only with GSM networks, and looks set to be a phone available in the far east only.