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    Hello Everyone,

    I was a launch day Pre user that got lured away to the Evo with promises of a great processor, 4G speeds and a breathtaking screen. After a few months of the worst battery and being underwhelmed by Android I'm back on the Pre!

    Although I continued following precentral I was wondering if there are any things I should know after my 4 month absence that might have changed or been improved upon. I love the homebrew community and Precentral and that is one of the main reasons I'm back.

    Any suggestions? Any awesome new apps or mods?

    Thanks a lot!
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    Uberkernel is better than ever supporting overclocking of up to 1GHz through Govnah. webOS 1.4.5 brings PDK apps, including many games to an ever wider audience. And the domestication of the dog continues....
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    4 months......

    The big news is the availability of PDK and PDK/SDK apps with the release of 1.4.5 (Big Red and ATT are way behind on this release for some reason). This allows anyone to release hybrid apps or PDK apps like Angy Birds to webOS.

    Also the overclocking options have really matured to the point that it is a 3 minute install away, very very stable and as of today the mainstream overclock can be up to 1GHz. Check out this thread and this thread for more info.

    Other then that the best way to catch up is to read the P|C blog entries from the last 4's all there.

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    Welcome back

    All the old Homebrew things are still around and quite a lot more advanced now than just three months ago.

    As has been said, UberKernel now allows for stable 1GHz clocking (with nobody of course knowing how long an OMAP3430 out of the 600MHz bin will survive at that speed). Internalz now supports full root access. Save/Restore saves/restores even more now.

    Something that's new is sconix's Mode Switcher and related patch suite... Use the forum search function and be prepared to be blown away... Actually you should install it because Mode Switcher is a bit like the Matrix in that you have to experience it for yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    Actually you should install it because Mode Switcher is a bit like the Matrix in that you have to experience it for yourself.
    This! Current Evo user and have to agree, Mode Switcher is so good, its even switching me This app is simply amazing, this makes the amazing, it get things done before I'm even up.
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    Welcome Back!
    Palm is now owned by HP in case you didn't know.
    Lots more apps in the catalog!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pavvento View Post

    Any suggestions? Any awesome new apps or mods?

    Thanks a lot!
    One word: AngryBirds....ok I cheated, it's actually spelled with two words.
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    <<Off topic posts deleted>>....lets keep this on point...webOS/Palm/HP and related developments in the last 4 months that a returning Pre/Pixi user may want to know. We have 10 bazillion outlets for the V/S points.
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    There are alot of things you have missed my friend.

    The new Animated Back Grounds for WebOS patch! Ill give you the link below.

    We can overclock to 1 MHz now with the new uber and F series.

    There are alot new patches that came out just need to look around the forums!

    Glad your back with the pre!
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    4 months? I didn't realize that the EVO started shipping in April.

    did you mean android?

    oh, the biggest changes are that PC went over 400,000 members, we all became fans of Rahul Sood, and we all became even nicer people.

    glad you saw the light!
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    Thanks everyone for the advice! I just installed the uberkernal and I'm installing Mode Switcher now. I'll probably take a few days just looking through all the new apps. It's good to be back!
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    2 more cool things. Steve figured out how to retrofit touchstone parts into the battery cover for the 2600mAh battery, and into the recently found holster that comes with an integrated battery for charging on the go. I will try to find some links for you shortly.
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    You missed out on about 16 or so PalmCasts.
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    Thanks again,

    I ALMOST had a bit of remorse last night while I was taking quick video at a concert thinking how good the quality would be with the Evo. When I watched it this morning I was super impressed and remembered that my Evo probably would have been dead by 9pm so I wouldn't have been able to take video anyway!
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    I thought people were saying that the EVO lasted 30 hours on a charge??
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    im switching back to a pre too. android isnt as cool as people say and is not as userfriendly as webOS.

    having flash player in the browser isnt as impressive as you would think and 4G is only OK. I live in Las Vegas(we have 4g) and it feels like a hassle to click the widget, then its ...connecting to sprint........getting ip...connected...... OK i found what i was looking for.. alright time to turn off wimax to save battery.

    HTC Sense is nice though, but not nice enough to keeping using Android

    btw i have gotten my evo to last nearly 26 hours. i was using google maps all night(delivery driver) texting, web and a few calls.

    using netarchy-toastmod kernal and setcpu

    never saw 30 though..
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    I switched from a Sprint Palm Pre to the EVO this past week. Since there's been no announcement of Spring getting the Pre 2, I thought the EVO would serve as a stop gap for the next 6 months or so. Boy am I regretting it.

    Android does NOT multitask well. Here are a few scenarios:

    (1) You're in the messaging thread for John Smith. If you switch to another app and switch back, the EVO will take you to the messaging directory but not the specific thread for John Smith. This is annoying.

    (2) Running 2 different apps with audio (such as Spring navigation with Pandora). The EVO plays the audio for both at the same time! It doesn't know to pause one.

    These are 2 specific scenarios that I've discovered so far. I would love to hear what others' experiences have been like.
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    I think I will switch the other way. No matter what phone they make there are so many apps written for the apple and android. Example local news channels, apps for remote control of locks for rentals, etc.
    If no one is interested in writing apps for the phone it will fail.
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    The pre can now time travel, cause the holder to levitate, and make a rather tasty strawberry shake.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeksquadkid View Post
    The pre can now time travel, cause the holder to levitate, and make a rather tasty strawberry shake.
    can it conjure a plate of bacon?
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