Hi, I just want to share everyone that I finally pulled the trigger to buy AT&T's Pre Plus and use it on Tmobile's network. I just want to share my experience and so far I've been asking myself why didn't I switch long time ago. Anyway, here's what I did to successfully unlock it for TMO.

1. Borrowed a friends AT&T SIM Card who's using iPhone and activated my Palm pre plus.
2. Purchased a nextgenserver unlock (because AT&T won't unlock it due to what they'er claiming exclusivity contract with Palm) and unlick it from there.
3. Inserted TMO's SIM card and everything so far is working.

Now, I got some questions and I hope that someone can explain or suggest a what to do next.

Since I started using Pre Plus, I have experience a total of 4 reboot when opening an application. The phone decided to restart by itself when I am opening Facebook, Messaging, Email and Contacts applications. The only appliaction I have installed are the following;

1. Facebook
2. Foursquare
3. Classic
4. Engadget
5. Pandora

Is there any patch or fixes to prevent that from happening? What applications do you recommend or patches and other good stuffs.

One nice thing I have discovered though is, being able to synchronize my work email using our OWA address. Our work servers are locked down. We are only allowed to check email using either OWA, Miscrosoft Outlook once connected to the network and through a company provided blackberry. In the past, I have attemted to configure different phone to synchronize my email but no luck at all but not with WebOS. All I have to do is put our OWA https address and my username, password and domain and it's all synchronizing just like our blackberry users.

A question I have though is, On my previous Treo 680 or Pro, whn I compose an email and wanted to indent my sentence, I can press the shift button then space to accomplish that and I can't seem to duplicate that on my Pre Plus. i have looked at the Tips here but didn't find anything that would do that. ANy suggestions?

Again, any help, recommendation, suggestion, comments are very welcome and encouraged. Thanks Precentral...