Weird thing happened yesterday. I attempted to take a picture of something using my Pre, and it locked my phone and forced a reboot. That's fine, it happens from time to time, i'm running UberKernel and various other patches that things like this may happen.

What's odd is that after the reboot, all my personal settings are gone....kinda. For example, the first time after the reboot I open my email, and it listed all my accounts and had me click "Save". Ok, fine enough. Then I noticed other settings missing from programs like Sabnzbd, AuctionMate, WIRC Servers, Govnah, Foursquare, etc etc. A few programs were fine like Facebook and Twee.

It doesn't bother me at all to set this stuff up, but I'm curious as to what may have happened?

The only major change I have made to my phone recently was the configuration of Mode Switcher. I know that changes a barrage of settings in the phone, but I can't imagine it would touch settings from programs like what is listed above.

Its not a big deal, just curiosity.