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    UberKernel/Pre 1.4.x-92 (Uber1G) is now available in Preware. Govnah 0.6.7 has a new 1GHz Screenstate profile.

    It is available for the Pre and Pre+ for webOS 1.4.1,, 1.4.2 and 1.4.5.

    We can neither confirm nor deny that Uber1G makes yellow angry birds go straight through boulders ...

    The UberKernel wiki page can be found at Application:UberKernel - WebOS Internals - please read the information there before asking questions in the official UberKernel discussion thread which can be found in the WebOS Internals sub-forum.

    Donations for UberKernel and Govnah are appreciated. The server infrastructure that builds and distributes these packages costs real money to maintain and run, and your donations are the sole source of those funds.

    Please use PayPal to send them to donations @ or click on WebOS Internals:Site support - WebOS Internals and use the PayPal button there ...

    Uber1G is the culmination of the work of a number of developers from WebOS Internals, and benefits from the alpha testing of kernels from both our experimental (e.g. F102A, F105, SR71) and stable (UberKernel) kernel streams. Work continues in those kernels to test out new features that will eventually make their way into future UberKernel stable versions.

    -- Rod (on behalf of the WebOS Internals kernel team)
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    thank you! Updating now.
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    no uber update here? Maybe this is only for 1.4.5? I'm on verizon.
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    Just got my Pre+ today, can't wait to turn it on get this baby installed when I get home, see what all the fuss is about!
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    I have 1 Ghz profile under Uberkernel since 3 weeks from now and it's stable and working very well, no sign of more draining of the battery everything fine

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    This Rocks!!!! Its bloody fast !!!!
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    clock in and hold on ! ! Woo Hoo ! !
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    I cant find it on my updates either :/
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    I've been happily rockin' the beta 1ghz UberKernel for a couple of weeks now.
    (Did much change with it hitting "non-beta" status?)

    I think I may have to trot over to the paypal link soon.

    I love pushing the envelope.
    This kernel really makes my Pre snappy and responsive.

    I highly suggest people give it a try, if they are the types that aren't afraid to void a warranty every now and then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strudel.chris View Post
    I've been happily rockin' the beta 1ghz UberKernel for a couple of weeks now.
    (Did much change with it hitting "non-beta" status?)
    There was no change from the testing version of Uber1G to the public release.

    -- Rod
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    Ive been running the test version of this for a few weeks too; it's like butter! The update to Guvnah will be nice then... updating now.

    Thanks to all you guys working on this; there is no community like this one.

    My Pre eats apples and blackberries, smashes windows, and mocks little robots.
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    donating to my fav developers brings a smile to my face - if only paying the Verizon bill did the same Thanks for making my phone all it can be!!
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    Wow! This is the coolest thing ever! Thanks for all the hard work!
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    Just donated... Thanks so much for all your hard work..

    If it wasn't for the developers I would probably have left for android by now...

    Viva Web OS..

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    are the other 800mhz kernels (f102, f104) going to be upgraded to allow 1ghz too?
  16. #16 my pre+ pegged @1g... Google race to idle then set govnah to performance 1g and end it....
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    All I can say is WOW
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    Is this more stable than the F105 Thunderbird? I love my Thunderbird. Just want to make sure before i make the switch. I know they are both "risky", i dont care about that part. Im more concerned about stability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    There was no change from the testing version of Uber1G to the public release.

    -- Rod
    ...i'm excited that more people will get a glimpse of how the next gen device will perform....
    -- VZW Pre+ -- Uberk/Gov fixed @ 1ghz -- QPST gps mod -- stock battery (?mugen 3800?) --
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    I can't speak on f105 and thunderbird but I've been running uk1ghz for a month or so and zero problems, the safety settings in it rock. I strongly advise using it.
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