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    Have had the Pre for about 2 weeks with no issues. Then today...

    While on a phone call, my Pre Plus went dead with a black screen. then a soft white dot appeared in the middle of the screen with a progress indicator around the dot. It took about an hour for the indicator to show completion, then I was dropped into the setup menu as though I was setting up a new phone (language, Palm Profile login, passwords for mail and Facebook accounts). To my dismay, all my photos and videos were gone, as well as ringtones. My memos and a few other items were intact.

    What just happened? According to the Profile Backup section of user guide, this was consistent with a new install of an erased device. This now troubles me and scares the crap out me that it will happen again I didn't have a backup of any user files or data or photos.

    Is this highly unusual? or should I be concerned that I've got a bad phone, OS image, or ??? Any insight would be appreciated.

    Palm Pre Plus on AT&T
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    Same thing happened to me today. I was installing some stuff with Preware, I did what was supposed to be a Luna Restart and it somehow turned into a full on reload from scratch, same as you. I'm still recovering all my apps...
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    My apps auto recovered. This makes sense, given that they're included in the Palm Profile. right?

    What I'd really like to recover is the photos, but I can't find a way to do that.
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    Ok this happened to me a couple of days ago too. What the heck is going on with our Palm Profiles. Its not saving crap. Thank goodness for google sync
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