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    Just installed it over the weekend and it's like having a new phone! Having a great time researching the best tweaks and patches.
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    Wouldn't own a Pre with out my 35 Patches and Uberkernel/Govnah clocked to 800Mzh..
    I love MY Phone and WebOS..but the Palm Pre/Webos available to the general public is ****..and i see now why palm failed...they made a bad product...
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    I'm keeping mine stock for the time being, with patches (not many) and / or over clocking the phone is too buggy with constant resets and random heavy battery drain for no apparent reason. I still use my treo 650 as my main phone because I just can't rely on the Pre. I think I may just have a bad one (ebay) as all my previous palm devices have been trouble free.
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    updated my uberkernal/govnah and now my pre is running 1ghz!
    amazingly fast it's awesome!
    and now i have about 20 patches on my pre. so now it's perfectly customized to my liking
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    Quote Originally Posted by igobytony View Post
    60 patches, themed, OC'ed, etc.

    I'd much rather have a phone that I can customize to suit me, than being stuck with one from a company that forces me to have it the way they think I should, and even would like to be able to disable it if I don't use it as they see fit.
    About the same setup OCing to 1GHz though and igobytony said it perfectly.

    Samsung Fascinate Rooted
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    look into the advanced launcher patch its the best patch by far at the moment !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Quote Originally Posted by pastorrich1 View Post
    You can get a TS and Car charger bundle from Verizon online with Free overnight shipping for $10 right now. I just bought two yesterday.
    I tried to locate that deal on the Verizon site and could not locate it. Think it's already expired?
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    I got Preware about a week after I found the directions on this site...and just recently got UK and started overclocking...I had no trouble with Homebrew cuz I figured that was safe...but i figured I'd wait until after people had done some more large scale overclocking before I'd jump in, but now I'm up to 1ghz...homebrew really has made me love this phone and its capabilities
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    very modified...the stock Pre sucks otherwise.
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    I dont understand how you guys have sooo many app/packages.

    I have 30 packages and apps
    34+ patches
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    Quote Originally Posted by AustinPaul View Post
    I tried to locate that deal on the Verizon site and could not locate it. Think it's already expired?
    UPDATE: Found it. Thanks! $9.99 indeed.
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