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    I had a totally stock Pre. I was fine with the speed and had only about 15 apps. What I got fed up with was the hardware.

    So I bought a Pixi. I decided to mod the pixi when I first got it, but ended up bringing it back to stock. Im totally happy with the stock Pixi with 1.4.5 and the 9 current apps that I have...

    Only "mod" I am thinking about is the Seidio Battery, just so I have some extra battery life for those long days...
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    What is this so called stock pre that you are talking about? HMMM O you mean out of the box in unmodified pre well I got mine new and it was moded like 30 min later have about 30 programs installed and about 15 or so patches uber and gov. 500/800 SS hard ware wise well I have a pre plus on sprint pixi plus hybrid with wifi i made my self MWHHAHAHAHA ITS ALIVE ITS ALIVE
    Sprint Palm Pre/Verizon Pre Plus On Sprint/Sprint Pixi Hybrid with WIFI
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    I have a stock Pre Plus with no homebrew and no patches. I have had it basically since Verizon first started carrying the Pre Plus. I have about 40 apps and it does everything I need it to do. Never had to use WebOS Doctor nor has it ever froze on me...No GPS issues either...
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    Had mine since the middle of July, put a theme on it before it was a week old. I have 38 packages, 3 patches, Uberkernel and steps for me! But I'm doing it! I love the Uberkernal and how fast the pre is now! I'm just hoping that when the new phone comes out that the pre won't be forgotten here! I love this place!

    "If my Pre were a man I'd marry him!"

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    Stock here, on month three right now. Pre Plus - Verizon. But I got this phone basically for the Mobile Hotspot (5 GB Free!) and to use with my iPod touch. I have, however, started to use more (using The Missing Sync for Mac) for music, etc. The only thing I can see me adding would be a virtual keyboard. I really don't like typing on the hardware keyboard, and my y key has never seemed to work right. plus, when surfing in landscape mode, it's a pain.

    So, for those who have modded, is there an quick/easy way for me to do this? I use Macs, if it is computer based. I really only care about a virtual keyboard, but what other 5 tweaks would you suggest?
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    The bundle deals are still there. I just ordered a bundle with a case, touchstone charger and car charger for 14.98. Go to accessories. Enter your zip code and then select the Pre Plus phone. After selecting the phone, click on bundle deals. There is one for 9.98 without the case and one for 14.98 with the case. Since I broke my Otterbox case yesterday (man that case is hard to get off), I needed some kind of case.

    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    I found this under desktop chargers:

    But it is $19.99 now, I guess the sale is off for now, still not a bad price though.

    Can't cut and paste the address.
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    I also have a stock Pre. I'm curious to know how many people have custom built computers versus pre-built computers that have modded their Pres.
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    107 packages
    48 patches
    Uberkernel (1GHZ)
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    I have a launch day Pre from Sprint. I was really considering changing to an android phone before I discovered Homebrew. I ran my pre stock for about 9 months. It was laggy and slow. Just opening the web or email took much to long. I oveclocked it to 800 mhz with uber-kernal first after seeing the video for Super-kernal on youtube. In doing so I discovered Homebrew and I've loved my Pre even more ever since. Currently running Thunderchief with like 65 patches. My battery life was getting bad until the 1.4.5 update now its great! I most certainly would have dumped my Pre without Homebrew. My Sprint update hit almost 3 months ago and while some of these new phones have caught my eye. I havent seen anything that would make me want to give up my Pre. Except the Rumors of a Pre 2!
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    i still have my pre in stock form for the simple fact that i dont know how to add patches. i would love to see what more my pre can do for me since it is my sidekick.
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    I have 2 stock pre's. I love the phone but have been considering taking the EVO for a ride. I want to do some things to it but do not want to mess it up. I wish it had mobile hotspot but oh well.
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    65 patches ,Seidio 2600, 500/800 F102A Delta Dagger

    Though I went unpatched for about 6 months, and I just got the new battery and started overclocking a few weeks ago. Prior to this, I liked my Pre, but now I LOVE it.

    Edit: I got my Pre on release day - #68 of #69 total phones in stock at the Pasadena,CA Sprint Store.
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    My Palm Pre is in the same condition that it was when I bought it at Sprint. Hardware is excellent. I am simply too lazy to mod it. I like my Pre just the way it is! Of course, I could be open to getting a new and improved version when it comes out

    P.S. The only change I made was to add an extended battery. I use the GPS and Bus Tracker too much not to add a bigger batter...
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    That's how I felt for a while Shawn, but after seeing everybody talking about how they changed their Pre - I gave in and I'm incredibly impressed.

    I also use the virtual keyboard often, which is a lot more useful when you overclock it.

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    Mine is still stock......uh.....what did I win???
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    Stock Pre here. Phone is fifteen months old. Thought about patching and overclocking but it seems like a pain in the **** to have to ininstall everything everytime there is an update. I am with Sprint and have been for about nine years..
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    I overclock and use 145 patches. I only have about ten apps installed and only 4 or so were paid apps. The apps still suck and I haven't found any others I cared to have. I wouldn't have kept the phone a month without patching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ekeller1 View Post
    I have 2 stock pre's. I love the phone but have been considering taking the EVO for a ride. I want to do some things to it but do not want to mess it up. I wish it had mobile hotspot but oh well.
    If you do take it for a ride be careful and don't let it land on anything hard. I had one for less than 24 hrs before our kitten swatted it off of the kitchen counter and the glass shattered on our tile floor.

    You can Google and find countless examples of the EVO's glass meeting the same fate from much shorter and softer falls.

    So, $100 later and I am still waiting on the replacement from my TEP (which will be sold to pay for the new HPalm device when it comes out).

    It does have a hotspot app that comes stock but you have to pay extra to use it.
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    Here's what I love about stock WebOS: It doesn't put me in a "jail."

    I don't really care whether Palm incorporates patches into the official OS because it's incredibly unlikely they'd ever pick my personal combination of patches.

    I've got 14 patches installed. My perspective isn't that I have to install them to get away from a bland stock experience. My perspective is that I get to install them so that I can have a phone that feels like it was designed just for me.
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    Despite teejay69's best efforts to get me to mod my Sprint Pre (nagging, cajoling, printing out the instructions for me...), I'm still stock, as is my bf's Verizon Pre Plus. It does what I need it to, I'm happy enough with the speed, and I can live with the little things I find annoying. I haven't found a compelling reason to start patching. shrug.
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